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Planning can be challenging- so let's hit the EASY button! We're your event planning ally: personalized expertise that listens, advocates, and guides you toward solutions that work.

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Chat with an Expert- $99

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Strategic Planning Partner- $450/week

Your ongoing resource for quick questions to make sure you’re on track and keep you from getting stuck.

1:1 messaging with your expert

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Elite Parter- $1620

Have your expert in your pocket whenever you need input and a guiding hand. Get in-depth answers to your questions while building your knowledge. 

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Executive Planner

Need to hand the reins over and focus on the myriad of other tasks on your plate? Want creative input to jumpstart your own planning? We can help! Contact us for a custom quote.

***Typical projects range from $8k - $20,000.

Unlimited messaging and video calls for specific scope of work

On-site facilitation

Design and planning

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