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E3 Planning is passionate about the power of immersive experiences.

We’ve all been to multiple events over the past year. But do you remember anything in detail? Key takeaways? Who sponsored?

We designed a company event where a past attendee fondly recalled twirling on the dance floor, under the open sky to sounds of a big band orchestra playing on the flight deck of the Midway Aircraft Carrier in San Diego Bay. She spoke of the sunset and even remembered the old time trolly used to pick her up at the hotel. But the key part? The event had taken place 14 years earlier!

We’ve learned that experience matters to brand recognition and engagement. E3 Planning helps companies stand out from the crowd by designing immersive experiences that deliver long-term client loyalty, sales, and growth.


We’re experts at creating experiences that engage!

When people are 100% present; results are 100% better.


E3 Planning crafts authentic connections for savvy, innovative leaders that inspire engagement, create raving ambassadors, and excite loyal fans.

Whether for a VIP retreat, all hands meeting, trade show, awards banquet, or teambuilding session, your brand, values, and objectives will take center stage and draw your ideal client participation!




Engage the senses and create engaged attendees.

We craft awe, excitement, surprise, and fascination into every experience.

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Get your attendees motivated and encouraged to interact during your next meeting or seminar!

From creative thinking to brand strategy- Victoria brings the same creativity and excitement to your stage as she does to her events.

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ROI begins here.

Strategy takes fun experiences and makes them profitable. It's the number one item needed to make a campaign or initiative successful!

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