About Us

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Our Approach

It's not easy to find creativity in some industries. Accounting, government, rentals, finance, business: they have a fairly sedentary image. We've rocked the boat for companies and clients where they have least expected it and the response has been phenomenal.  Instead of being one in a crowd, guests remember their experiences and interactions. Most of all they remember who gave them that experience and the kudos land on you!

Whether your sights are set on growing your high-impact brand through events or helping your team become more adaptable and collaborative in an increasingly complex marketplace, we'll help you navigate your next steps.

We work best with visionary leaders who will enthusiastically try unique experiences in order to stand out and keep their attendees interest. We love it when they’re also passionate about aligning their product, brand, and people with their values.

We provide:
  • Actionable strategies for transforming your business culture through live events
  • Interactive environments that engage attendees
  • Design that advances your brand and facilitates long-term attendee connections
  • Measurement that effectively demonstrates the real return on your investment

Ensure every minute and every dollar spent on events cultivates engagement, communication, and loyalty!

Our Story

Why E3?

We’re experts at creating events that engage! When people are 100% present; results are 100% better.

Victoria and E3 staff bring over 20 years experience in corporate and association event marketing management.

The E3 imagination thrives on meeting your parameters and goals. First, we get to know you and your company. We actually study your brand and leadership. Then we craft your program and present your options. From there, we handle all of the details so that your event rocks and you just show up for the applause!

Meet the Core Team

We're here for you!

Our award winning team brings passionate creativity, hard work, and serious project management principles to help YOU stand out from the rest and maximize your investment.  We contribute to your success by providing the very best strategic planning and unique options for every project.

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Victoria Petersen

Principal and Chief Experience Officer


After two decades as an in-house planner for both association and corporate groups, Victoria knows the inside scoop on how to plan and manage live events. She is a Past President of the International Live Events Association Napa-Sonoma Chapter, active with the American Marketing Association and is integrated with a network of professionals across the country and around the world.

Victoria has a degree in Environmental Design from UC Davis and loves to get her hands dirty creating custom features for her clients. She is a Certified Meeting Professional, Project Management Professional, and Certified Travel Ambassador for Sonoma County, CA, in addition to being certified in Floral Design from Santa Rosa Junior College.

She is based in Wine Country, Sonoma County, CA and also operates in the heartland of St. Croix County, Wisconsin.

Leigh Meyer

Vice President

Leigh brings a background in technology and business to E3 and supports the schemes that Victoria dreams up.



Chief Happiness Officer

Coco provides a warm lap blanket and a cheerful wiggle to the E3 team!

Next Steps...

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