Event Management

We provide the strategic support essential to making your events, parties, meetings, trade shows and other live productions come to life.  An intimate dinner of 5 or a raucous concert for 5,000?

We can arrange that!

Program creation

Do you have a vision or goal, but don't know how to make it happen?  Maybe your last meeting was just sort of forgettable and everyone left without a clear direction?

Let us brainstorm and conceptualize the program or outreach you need for success and a strong return on your investment.



Our visions can be outside the box and as such they need custom support.  We're here to design, build and source all of the details needed whether in-house or through a network of team members.

Are you ready for change?

E3 can turn your events and meetings into powerful strategic tools that impact your bottom line.

How effective are your meetings? Do they achieve the goals you set for them, or do people leave and go back to their old beliefs and behaviors?

Events represent a large investment of time and resources and cannot be merely feel-good get-togethers. Today's savvy company leaders understand that meetings are potent strategic tools that must align with your business plan and provide significant return on your investment (ROI).

Are you planning an event to change behavior and drive business results?  If not, you should be!