Our Approach

We believe that one size does not fit all! Our strategic approach listens to what you need and then creates a solution to meet it.

How are we different than other planners? Well, we're not just logistics. Strategic planning and event design ensures that you achieve your business objectives, inspire and motivate attendees, and engage key stakeholders through exceptional event experiences. That's where the value of strategic meeting coordination and execution comes in. If your events aren't returning tangible results and delivering long-term benefit then the value for your spend is low.  Make your ROI go through the roof by really honing in on the activities, agenda, and connections that are important to both attendees and leadership.

We provide:
  • Real strategies for transforming your business culture through live events
  • Corporate meeting planning that advances your business strategy
  • Trade show management that advances your brand and facilitates long-term attendee relationships
  • Measurement that effectively demonstrates the real return on your investment

In addition, our forms and processes give you a clear view throughout our event cycle. You can see your options, where we are in the planning process, and next steps. A clear view enables both you and E3 to make the best decisions and stay on-time and within scope!

Our Story

It's not easy to find creativity in some industries. Accounting, government, rentals, finance, business: they have a fairly sedentary image. We've rocked the boat for companies and clients where they have least expected it and the response has been phenomenal.  Instead of being one in a crowd, guests remember their experiences and interactions. Most of all they remember who gave them that experience and the kudos land on you!

Why E3?

Victoria and E3 bring over 15 years experience in corporate and association event and marketing management.  In creating headliner entertainment productions for 4,500 Fortune 1000 clients, exclusive executive incentive retreats, and trade show displays with live theatre her events have met participation, awareness, and sales goals.

The E3 imagination thrives on meeting your parameters and goals no matter the location or constraints.  We have a network of professionals who will make your event rock and you can show up for the applause!

Meet the Core Team

Why? Because people want to know who they're doing business with. We're here for you!

Victoria Petersen

Principal and Chief Experience Officer

Victoria has a degree in Environmental Design from UC Davis and loves to get her hands dirty creating custom features for her clients.

She is a Certified Meeting Professional and Project Management Professional in addition to being certified in Floral Design from Santa Rosa Junior College.

As the Immediate past president of the Napa-Sonoma International Live Events Association, she is integrated with a network of professionals across the country and around the world.

Leigh Meyer

Vice President

Leigh brings a background in technology and business to E3 and supports the schemes that Victoria dreams up.




Chief Happiness Officer

Coco provides a warm lap blanket and a cheerful wiggle to the E3 team.

Next Steps...

Email us for some suggestions on your next event!